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Friday, May 8, 2009

A Fan-tastic card

I just had to make a Yankees card- after all, a new stadium year and all. friend is a Mets fan and when she saw my Yankees card, she said I had to make a Mets card too. I made these with the New Arrival cart - used the onsie cut and just cut the bottom off of the onsie. The team logos were cut in SCAL. The shirts are put on with pop dots so they really "pop". Hope you like them.


zopeloti said...

Lovely baseball cards!
Even though I don't have sacl - yet! I would love these directions.

Karen said...

So cute! I have a bestie at work that wants me to make a big NY in vinyl for her family room wall. Did you design it yourself or is there a font available for that? Any help would be much appreciated.

Kim S said...

I love the Mets also!! I won't ask you to make me a card, but if you can point me towards where you got the Mets Logo, I would be grateful :)

Thanks in advance!

Duan Marie Byrd said...

Those are so cute. I may have to try this with my favorite team. Da Bears. TFS