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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Trays, Trays, Trays

I posted these on the message board, but wanted to share them here. I got a whole bunch of trays and chip n dip containers. The trays are great, and the perfect surface for vinyl. I want to sell them for kids too as snack trays or homework trays, or even to put on their dressers to keep things organized. I got them in lots of colors at the Christmas Tree Shop on clearance at about .50 each.


Steph said...

Great idea!

Doodle said...

OH YOU LUCKY DUCK!! We don't have Christmas Tree Shops here and when I'm back in Conn. that's one of my favorite adventures to go on ~ so many neat things there! Great idea!

Love That Bug said...

You got a great deal! These are so cute.

7524kes said...

Look great. Hope they sell well for you.

TT said...

girl, you are so imaginative. I just love to come look around.