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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Jar Candles

I decided to try the jar candles with the glass etch vinyl. Here is a situation where I really wouldn't want to mess up with the chemical etching, so I just used the white frosted vinyl that looks like it's been etched. I used the dark etch vinyl, and I like the detail I was able to get with the vinyl - I know I'll do quite a few of these for gifts. I thought some monograms and family names - established dates would be really pretty and make nice gifts.


myblingbling said...

great idea :) I have a bunch of the etched vinyl, now I have a great way to use it up. thanks :)

Anonymous said...

this would make a great gift. thanks. now i need to buy some of that vinyl but it is so expensive. i checked after your last etched vinyl post. your work is great. makes me wanna do some. :)