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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Posting Multiple Pictures

Many people have wondered how to post multiple pictures in one message board post. You can do it using Photobucket, but honestly I think it is a bit complicated for the average person. I have been working on a simple approach using programs you already have. Try this.
1.Open Microsoft Word. Click Insert/Picture/From File. Find the picture you want to post. Once you find your picture and double click it, it will show up in word.
2. Next right click on your picture and click Format Picture.
3. Next click on the tab Layout and click on the box In Front of Text. You now have the ability to resize by pulling in or extending the corner of the picture and you can drag and drop it anywhere on the page you want.
Do steps 1-3 for each picture you want. Once all of your pictures are on the page, formatted, and where you want them,
4. click your CTRL button on your keyboard and click each picture without releasing the CTRL button, click the letter "C" on your keyboard, and you have copied all of your pictures together.
5. Now open your PaintPad function in your computer. Usually at START/ALL PROGRAMS/ACCESSORIES/PAINT. Once this is open click Edit /Paste, and all of your pictures will show up.
6.Click file/Save as - name your file and make sure the file type is .jpg. Now you have a single picture of your multiple pictures and you can post it. As always you may have to resize your picture. I use VSO Image Resizer, a free downloadable program and resize to 500 x 768 px.
Personally I do use the Photobucket method, but it involves opening many windows, flipping back and forth between screens and lots of copying and pasting. Try this method, it might work for you.
Here is the link to the YouTube Video on the Photobucket method if you want to try that

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