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Monday, August 17, 2009

SCAL 2 Making Iron Ons

SCAL 2 is definitely much easier for flipping the text for making iron ons. A few posts ago, I gave directions for settingup text for iron on vinyl. (These apply if you have to use SCAL original or DS) These directions and pictures apply to SCAL 2 only. My goodness it is soooo easy, one click. Simply type your text normally (pic one) and then click the flip horizontal button (pic two) and you're done!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you; I'm glad to hear SCAL2 is easier for flipping... our homeschool group always hires expensive 'outsourcing' for our celebration t-shirts (so now I'm wondering if I have to confidence to offer to make a 'prototype' thanks to you)!

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU- I have been trying to flip a logo and tying to type it in backwards and then flip in scal2- no wonder it never looked right.