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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

OMG! OMG! I made the Chirp Newsletter

I can't believe I was mentioned in the CHIRP Cricut Newsletter.

Here is the link to the post that was referenced there.

I made this with the heat transfer vinyl. I buy mine at H&H sign supply. They have some great colors. I've used all of the brands they carry. This particular shirt is made with the Siser.

Easy directions - make sure to flip any designs you do - the iron on vinyl you do in reverse. Also see my blog entry on setting up text for iron on. Cut and weed your design, then once placed on, I use parchment paper over it. On the cotton setting of your iron, place iron firmly on the decal - hold and press hard a full 6-8 seconds, then gently start moving the iron around for about 15 more seconds. Most iron on vinyl is cold peel, so wait at least 45-60 seconds before puling off the backing. (always follow the directions according to the specific vinyl you use). Then you're done! Wash and dry normally.


1. I don't do this on very humid days

2. wash and iron your garment before doing this

3. It is hard to start the weeding of the vinyl - use a fork or craft knife and just nick the corner of where you are trying to weed, it makes starting the weeding easier


Pattie McGinnis said...

Congrats, on the Chirp Newsletter..

I have a question about the vinyl that you used... I was on the H&H website,, just wondering what to look for...
They have a bundle pack for $31.00 with 5 color choses... Is this the one that you used?


sandra said...

What you consider making a video?I know it sounds easy it would just help out more, please!

I saw you in the chirp news too!


cardmkrLeslie said...

For the iron vinyl, you want to look on the H&H website under "Heat Transfer Materials". The 5 rolls for 31 is the GT5- this is an outdoor vinyl (it can't be ironed)

Anonymous said...

I'm confused...under "heat transfer" there seems to be many vinyl products. Can you tell me which is the one that you use.

J. Hunley said...

congrats on making the chirp...its an awesome feeling isn't it..I got really emotional when my joy fold card made the chirp I had over 15000 hits to my post

judyd said...

Thank you. I finally found your site. I was trying out the heat transfer on t-shirt and it was not working thanks to you I think I know what I have doen wrong. Off to the store to get parchment paper and another t-shirt. Oh well a 5.00 leason.
You are always the greatest help.

Tami G said...

LOVE IT.. how cute.. thanks for the dl...