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Monday, March 2, 2009

Matching Vinyl to my art...

I wanted to do an above mirror wall decoration, but I wanted it to match the art in my room. I did this by taking a close up photograph of the corner fleur d lys and putting it through Inkscape and SCAL to get the exact shape match. Since my gold vinyl is not wall safe, I placed it on black Wall pops as a shadow.
Making your own shape from a photo: photos work best when they are either black or on a black background. Upload your photo from your camera. Open Inkscape and click File-Import-find your photo, click on it . Click Path-Trace Bitmap-...(In the Trace Bitmap Window click Update then OK.) In the original window click Path-Break Apart. Then Click View-Display Mode-Outline. If there are any stray marks, click on them and then click delete on your keyboard until all that is left is the design you want. If you make a mistake and delete something in error, just click Edit-Undo. Normally you don't have stray marks if you are importing clip art of another graphic, but since photos are detailed, you may have to do this step. Once it is the way you want save the file. Then you can open SCAL- click file-Import SVG and find your file and CUT.

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