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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Smiles all Around

Here I go again, I totally "craft-lifted" this idea from G&GsMommy. My friends 40th birthday is today and she's having a 60's party, so I thought the smileys were so appropriate! The flowers are just print outs of a clip art flower with a smiley face I put on top. CLICK PIC FOR A BETTER VIEW.

Directions: Find a styrofoam ball which fits snugly into your container. Use hot glue around the edges to hold in place if necessary. Gather lollipops, straws (cut in half), wooden BBQ skewers, clip art, or other decorations(taped to skewers), 3" squares of tissue paper. Start at the top and put in your topper (the item you want to be the centerpiece - in mine the "40 Sucks"), you can work around that now. Take one piece of tissue and put the lollipop stick in the middle being careful not to puncture the paper. Gather the paper gently around the stick and insert the whole thing in the styrofoam. Go around the bottom edge until all is filled in. You can put them 1 inch or less apart. the tissue will cover any showing styrofoam. Keep filling from the bottom of the ball to the top. When you are about 2/3 done, switch to BBQ skewers with the same method, except use a skewer insted of a lollipop. Now put straw pieces over all the skewers, now stick lollipops in the straws. Trim straws as necessary to adjust height of pop. The straws add height and dimension to the bouquet. You can certainly do with out the straw method and just do all lollipops though. At the end stick in any embellishments. Let me know if these directions helped. Good luck!


TT said...

this is just the cutest idea. yours is so cute. i need your imagination.

Leighbug said...

what a great idea!! i love it

Anonymous said...

That is adorable!