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Thursday, November 11, 2010

New Method for HTV users

Ok, HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl) users I found a great new method/tool for making HTV items. While ironing HTV on my kitchen table and cardboard, I knew I needed a good surface to iron on, you cannot use an ironing board becasue you need more pressure than the ironing board can bear. I tried putting my cookie sheet underneath and it came out great. I went out to buy a cookie sheet just for HTV application ** no greasy cookie residue!
I just put the cookie sheet under the item (still using my kitchen table), but it helps transfer the heat from the bottom too. Of course I got the kind of cookie sheet without edges, and I was able to find the flat kind that was truly flat and did not have the insulated layer on it. I've only done 3 shirts with it, but I think they came out better, because you get a heat source from the bottom as well (the cookie sheet gets quite hot), just like a heat press.


Love That Bug said...

That is a great idea. I haven't tried the HTV yet, but like everything else, it is on my list

Suz said...

Great idea! I don't have any of the HTV, but want to get some and try some shirts out. Will have to try this technique when I do.

Veronica said...

Great idea!! Thank you for the tip. Plan on experimenting with HTV after I'm done with school in December!


Michelle said...

Do it yourself heat press!! I love it. Thanks for tip Leslie!! I will definitely be trying that out!

TT said...

great tip. came to your blog today to check out buying HTV and got more that i bargained for. Thank you. now on to buying vinyl