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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Frame blocks for craft show

Here are the frame blocks I made for the craft show. They are all 6x6 blocks which are hollow in the back which make them really lightweight (compared to tiles) and they stand up on their own. The long ones are 13 x 6. Here is a picture of what I started with. the best thing is that I got them for $1.00 per package, so they are
.66 for the long ones and .33 for the small ones. I just put scrap paper, and some vinyl, on top of the pictures that they came with then a vinyl design. They really came out the way I wanted!


DocHolley said...

everything looks great !

Evan's Eclipse said...

What a great idea! Let us know how it all goes.

Anonymous said...

Where do you get those blocks?
I love your work!

Kim said...

Love the blocks Leslie! Best of Luck with your sale! :)

Valine said...

These are great! Where did you find them???