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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My Cafe'

I thought this was a great kitchen decoration because we drink lots of coffee...The SCAL cut file is on the right.
I used brown glossy vinyl for the main cut and the hearts are dark red wall pops. Our kitchen is dark red, so it is perfect...


Katie said...

Your blog is wonderful. Thank you for sharing all your hard work! I have just recently started a blog of my own. I am having a hard time uploading cricut cuts to it. I can get the cut there but it looks like a web address instead of the name of the .cut file. If you have sometime and it's not too much trouble, could you send me directions on how to do this? Please keep them very simple as I am not very computer savvy. Thank you. Happy Holidays.

Lori aka Lo Lo said...


Luv your creations! Thx for sharing. I tried to download the first Cafe cut file but when it was saved it was not saved as an svg file. It was saved as scut file and I could not open it in SCAL. Why is that? Which one is for the cups and hearts?


cardmkrLeslie said...

I updated the files in the right hand column - they are SVG files

ewadsathome said...

Thanks for all your great ideas. I see that you get your vinyl from H & H, which vinyl did you choose for your wall. I saw the 3M was for cars and I was afraid it would be too hard to get off my wall and do damage and I saw that the 5 pack was not self adhesive so what would I use to stick it to the wall?

thanks for your help

Tami said...

Great job!
I love those little baby feet.
Could you tell me where to find them? Did you have to put the wholes in the tile?
I am getting ready to order from HH supplies. I e/m them regarding the white w/blue lining. Have you ordered the white vinyl? Is it white/white. Also, in one of your comments she said the 5 pack doesn't have self stick on the back. True?
Thanks for your time.
Happy day.