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Sunday, September 7, 2008

My Cricut Wordle

Thanks to Capadia from the Cricut message board, I've found this great and so much fun website called Here is my Cricut Wordle.

Here is how I did it:

On Wordle, type in the words you want to use. If you want a bigger word (like Cricut in my layout), you type it several times, although it only shows up once, the more you type it, the bigger it is). Once you have the font and colors you like (there's lots to play around with), I use a program called Jing - you can download the program for free- to screen capture my picture. I copy and then paste it into Paint. I then use the SELECT tool to create a rectangle and copy only the parts of picture I want. I click copy, then new (say no, you don't want to save the old document), paste into a new Paint document and then save as a JPEG, from there you can share, post on your blog, or whatever... Also another method is that when you download Jing, it will link you up to and your images will go directly there where you will be able to link them directly to your blog with an http address. Hope this is helpful


~JulieH~ said...

Thank you so much for post

Juliexing this great tutorial I have been playing with wordle and wondered how you got the bigger words! I'm just off to check the rest of your blog. I love the cards you've done with wordle too!

Anonymous said...

Just stoppin by to thank you for your wonderful cut files and the wordle idea. It looks like so much fun!